A common request that we’ve received has been that we support CalDAV and CardDAV so that customers can sync their calendars and contacts with external applications. Our goal has been to facilitate this with a simple email login so that each email account you create can manage its own. After some research, it turns out that the best way to offer this with an up to date and supported codebase is actually to use a very popular application: NextCloud.

As of today all MXroute customers, whether on cPanel or DirectAdmin, will gain access to a small NextCloud account for each one of their email accounts created on our service. Let’s be clear that this isn’t going to satisfy your backup dreams, but it should be enough to provide calendar, contacts, and document sharing. You should be able to sync over your documents folder (That’s not where you keep your “Linux ISOs” I assume?). If you truly want to use it for larger storage needs, you can add external sources to increase your storage (Amazon S3, for example).

We have no documentation or tutorials for how to utilize this in the ways that we imagine, but we’ll work on that in the coming weeks. For now, we’re merely presenting this gift as an add-on to the MXroute service at no additional charge. We only ask that you don’t abuse it by creating “nextcloud(1-1000)@mydomain.tld” accounts to maximize storage usage. Again, this is not a backup service, this is free additional features. Each NextCloud account has 10GB of storage to facilitate its basic usage, and this is not counted against any other storage allocation at MXroute.

To check it out, log in with any MXroute email account here:


Curious how to use it and what you can do with it? Dig into the documentation.