We will soon be moving our billing platform from portal.mxroute.com (WHMCS) to accounts.mxroute.com (HostBill). There are a lot of unknowns here. The bulk of the process will be handled without you needing to think about any of it, and frankly you shouldn’t, but there are some things that may be relevant to you while this happens. Here are the things we expect to be relevant to you:

  • No new orders / upgrades during this process.
  • No login to billing portal during the process
  • Some tutorials may have screenshots that are briefly different from UX
  • PayPal subscriptions may finally be cancelled (only a handful of remaining legacy customers have these)
  • Login to chat.mxroute.com will not function (it works from WHMCS)

You should already have everything you need to get by without access to the billing portal during this process. Your DirectAdmin/cPanel user/pass were sent to you when you signed up. You know your email account credentials. Nothing about your service is changing during this process, the only change happening is to our billing portal.

We do not know the date/time that this will occur, unfortunately. There are too many moving pieces involved in this to give an estimate that we would consider reliable. We will post updates on our social media.