We pride ourselves in doing everything possible to keep our customers from being filtered to spam folders. Obviously, we can’t control content filters and we can’t force customers to always use the best practices end-to-end in their operation. However, we’re always looking for new ways to help them maintain a solid reputation by mitigating password compromises, preventing them from forwarding spam, and militantly keeping our IP reputation clean. Today we’re introducing a new effort to protect the reputation of our customer’s domains.

All too often our customers do the right thing by sending confirmation emails for registrations on forums, blogs, etc. However, spammer trends still find a way to hurt them. A spammer will steal a compromised email account somewhere else (Comcast, Gmail, Yahoo, wherever) and then use that email to sign up for forums and blogs for the purpose of posting spam. The original account owner regains control of the email address, finds all of these confirmation emails, and then reports them as spam. This trains filters to dislike customer domains and in theory, by extension, our IP addresses.

For the last 24 hours we’ve halted 98 confirmation emails sent by our customers to addresses that were being used in this way. We currently have a list of over 160,000 email addresses that are now blocked in our outbound system, to be updated regularly (old entries expiring, new ones added). With this effort we intend to increase the quality of our services and protect our customers from abuse that is largely outside of their control.

Our goal at MXroute is not simply to be an email provider. We want to be a movement that shakes up the industry, and we want you to feel like you’re hiring a dedicated email administrator for pennies. Frankly, we’re pulling it off. While there will always be outliers that may need things that we don’t offer, we are successfully providing a unique managed service.