MXroute Support

Before reaching out, please be sure that your domain's MX records point to our servers (the ones stated in the "Important Account Information" email). You can use to confirm this. It should have been set for 1-4 hours before you expect inbound email to work consistently.

We are slowly transitioning the majority of our support to a public and searchable platform, to help expose answers to repeat questions in an effective way. This is intended to allow us to continue to scale at our low price point, while getting you the help you need. Here is the new platform we are transitioning to:

Community Q&A

While we are working on finalizing the transition of our support platform, you can still reach out to us on Slack at the link below. We will never ask for your password or anything of that nature on Slack, and you can verify yourself to receive some privileged information (like email logs via private message) by signing up with the same email address you used to sign up for our service. Asking in the channels rather than a DM, if the information can be shared, will allow crowdsourcing where possible.

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