At last update these were active, but these are all limited stock and subject to removal later. Once a promo has run out of stock, we do not add stock on request.

Current Standard Promos #


Black Friday 2020 #

We may have a few stock lying around. Sometimes we toss a few out throughout the year just to subsidize slow months and stabilize revenue, though that has been rapidly decreasing as revenue has been stabilizing itself more every year.

Black Friday

Lifetime #

Our lifetime promotion is a fairly unique and adventurous one. It’s small, but quite enough for a lot of people. It contains 10GB of email storage, and allows unlimited email accounts / addon domains.

Upgrading Promos #

People often ask us if they can upgrade from one promo to another. The only upgrade path from a promotional package is to one of our front page packages. If you log in at and click on the package you ordered, you’ll see an upgrade option on the left side. While you are welcome to order another promotional package and set it up for yourself like a new account, we do not offer any assistance for the switching or migration to a promotion. This allows us to continue offering attractive promotions without excessive growth of overhead for the lowest priced plans.

Are the promos recurring? #

Unless clearly stated otherwise (and we’ll make it obvious), promotions are ALWAYS recurring.