I can’t send a “Test” email

There are certain types of “test” emails that are frequently used by attackers who have gained your password (typically because you reused it all around the internet). They use these “test” emails to test if the password they have works. We intercept these as much as we can, and immediately disable outbound email pending human review of your account. We try not to intercept your legitimate test emails, but sometimes they cross paths. If you’ve been flagged because your account is suspected of being compromised, your account will be reviewed and you will receive an email detailing the results of the review, as well as recommendations based on the findings. If your account wasn’t compromised, we know, hang in there and we’ll clear it for you.

When sending “test” emails we highly recommend that you actually have a conversation with yourself. I know, it feels weird. Just try it. Ask yourself how your day was. A “test” email by definition is not production or a pressing matter, make your email seem important. You’re trying to test real world conditions, after all. Your real use case probably isn’t sending test emails.