Adding DNS Records to Google Cloud DNS

Read First #

Several parts of this document are animated GIFs showing how to accomplish a task. When you scroll to them, you may be viewing them from the middle or end. Watch through them to see them start over.

Find DNS Records #

Step 1: Log in to Google Cloud Console

Step 2: Locate and click on your domain from

Delete old MX Records #

Step 1: Remove old MX record(s)

Locate MX Records #

This has changed. The concept is the same, the GIF below will be updated shortly. The URL for email history is here:

Add MX Records #

Note that the records used in this example need to match the ones you located in the previous step, not necessarily the ones we used in the example.

Add SPF Record #

Add DKIM Record #

Video linked below. Note that the name is always:


We honestly cannot, for the life of us, find a reasonable way to add DKIM keys to the Google Cloud DNS editor without importing an existing zone through the terminal/API. If you know how to achieve this please email and help walk me through it so I can add it to the documentation.