Add CalDAV to iOS

Prefer a video? We have that:

Step 1: Login #

Log in to NextCloud with your email account to create the calendar. One login is sufficient to create it.

Step 2: Open Settings #

Open iOS Settings App and scroll down to where you see Calendar, tap on it.

Step 3: Calendar Settings #

In the Calendar settings area, tap on Accounts

Step 4: Add Account #

In the Accounts section, tap on Add Account

Step 5: Choose Other #

Tap on “Other” at the bottom of the list

Step 6: Add CalDAV Account #

In the Add Account section, tap on Add CalDAV Account

Step 7: Fill in information #

Fill in the information in the given fields. You must replace YOUREMAILADDR in the information below with the email address you are using for this calendar. You must also replace YOUREMAILADDRPASSWD with the password that goes along with that email account.




Step 8: Click Next #

Tap on Next at the top right.

Step 9: Click Save #

Tap on Save at the top right.