MXroute is committed to providing customers with an alternative infrastructure, giving them a way to take their data away from the few companies that seem to control most of the internet. While hosting your own data is the ideal scenario for fighting back against big tech, many are unable to and would settle for just making a stand and taking from those who they perceive as having malicious intent with their data.

On that note, we’ve expanded our offerings to free micro services that we manage, just to give you options.

Password Manager – Bitwarden Web Vault (

Pastebin – PrivateBin (

Chat – Element (

Social –

Photo Sharing – Pixelfed (

Search – searx (

Manyverse – Invite code: “”

Please feel free to make use of these services as desired. Some of these micro services may overlap in function and that’s okay, the goal here is to give you choices and, where possible, ownership of your data by using federated applications that can easily be replaced if you choose to take your data elsewhere.